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Transnet Engineering is a leading South African supplier to the railway industry through manufacture, upgrade and refurbishing of rolling stock and rail-related products.

Transnet Engineering's principal objective is to meet and exceed all its commitments and obligations, and the expectations of all its stakeholders.

Delighting its customers, the empowerment of a competent work force and good corporate governance are core values of Transnet Engineering.

New developments in upgrade packages for locomotives include glass screen control panels, microprocessor control of electric power and air- conditioned, ergonomic cab designs. 

New wagons rolling off Transnet Engineering's production lines now carry up to 100 ton payloads at axle loads of 30 tons.

Suburban coaches are being re-bodied and upgraded using a modular design with complete stainless steel sides, ends and roofs, assembled as complete units thereby improving turn around times. This is especially beneficial for civil engineering companies in Gauteng.

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