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Transnet Park is the Corporate office of Transnet / a Division of Transnet LTD and it is situated at Kilnerpark a suburb in the Eastern parts of Pretoria. We currently have +/- 340 personnel working in our corporate office rendering support services. Here you find administrative roles with departments such as Information & Communication Technology; Supply Chain Management; Finance; Human Capital; Infrastructure, Risk & Safety; Product Development; Strategy & Marketing and Operations all supporting our depots and centres all around RSA.

Transnet Engineering internal structure comprises of the following nine product focused businesses:

  • Coaches
  • Wagon
  • Locomotives
  • Rotating Machines
  • Foundry
  • Rolling Stock Equipment
  • Wheels
  • Auxiliary
  • Ports

Office of the CE

Our CE Mr. Richard Vallihu

Message from the CE

However, at Engineering, we can only go into battle using the army we have. That means training our army to be fit, dynamic and confident. And we need to equip it to win our war against waste and inefficiency.

When I use of the word 'war', I am not referring to an act of violence. What I am talking about is a war that requires each one of us to march in step. We need to be like an army with a single purpose, that being to streamline Transnet Engineering for the challenges that lie ahead.

So what is inefficiency?

In the dictionary, 'inefficiency' is defined as something that prevents the accomplishment of an intended

Our battle against waste and inefficiency will support our strategic efforts to grow volumes, and to improve service and production targets. As we march forward, we need to follow a straight and clear path to world-class best operating practices. By using the weapon of Lean Six Sigma, we can monitor and evaluate our costs, speed, quality and innovation. Victory demands we develop a culture of 'doing it right the first time!

Recently, I visited the Bloemfontein depot and spoke to 3 000 employees. We engaged in a lively debate and discussion and it was invigorating to see the people in such high spirits. It was also pleasing to see improvements and the quality of information in the Letsema areas. And, of course, I was particularly interested in hearing the comments, and ideas for innovation that come from the shop floor.

Bloemfontein is going through a renaissance, as are some other plants. It is a tribute to the team that, even with the markets in decline, some businesses such as Coaches have bucked the downward trend. Bloemfontein is just one of four plants which is about to expand. It is gearing up to provide rolling stock for the movement of people through rail passenger services. Also, the Centre is a 'centre of excellence' in the development of the new underframes for both the Coach business as well as the Locomotive business. The CenTE's production line also includes the 10M5 trailer upgrades.

Bloemfontein's continuous improvement is noted. I was encouraged to see this CenTE setting the standard in our relentless war against inefficiency.

Recently, the National Department of Transport visited our facilities at Koedoespoort. It paid particular attention to the Coach business. Here, we had the opportunity to showcase the capabilities of our organization - capabilities that are based on our world-class practices and technical know-how.

On June 11, we introduced the Blue Uniform Day in all our grammes such as Lean Six Sigma.

The Management Team has been allocated various Letsemas in the different regions. Management will participate and support the teams in their businesses. Further planned operational discussions and actions plans will centre around the challenges, and solutions facing us as we focus on developing operational efficiencies and innovations as well as seeking ways to cut costs.

This will also strengthen our goal of working as an integrated, synchronised organisation with one vision.

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