Suppliers of Safety Equipment

 Safety Equipment and suppliers

Safety Equipment in the construction industry is a competitive market and while the market is large the suppliers have a tight community and support one another where possible. It is obviously very important in the daily construction industry that safety and safety equipment take a priority over most other aspects.

Peoples lives, workers lives on site are in danger when safety is not taken seriously. There are various managers at different levels that need to ensure their valuable workers are kept safe and sound on site. A building and construction site is a dangerous place to be with many opportunities for things to go wrong so it is vital that staff members are protected.

Protecting the workers is easy, there are a number of safety-wear and apparel that should be used for protection. Gloves for protecting workers hands from grazes, temperature changes from welding and in some cases it will prevent them from getting shocked should there be a live wire on site. There are rubber gloves, household gloves and grip gloves along with many other variants for all sorts of applications.

Masks are to be worn on site to protect the site-workers from the big amount of dust that is generated from cement mixing and general construction. Protective eye-where is necessary for some construction applications to prevent injury to the face and eyes. Coupled with this is a big market in south Africa and that is the sale and distribution of HARD HATS, there are various hard hat distributors in South Africa like SafeCo who currently has their own injection moulding equipment to manufacture and sell hard hats in South Africa.


Safety Services South Africa

The Safety sector in south africa is massive. Where do we start? Safety services comprise of Security, camera’s, road safety, safety services for commercial and residential properties. Electric fencing, security gates and high walls have become a thing in johannesburg and South Africa too. So getting started with your safety program will comprise of the following aspects. Assess where you need the service and impliment the necessary safety service. Ie if you are a new home owner ensure your property is set up with alarm systems, beams, security gates and burglar bars as well as armed response in your area.

Training, you will need to continiously train yourself and be aware of the security and crime preventiion programmes available in your area. There are often members of the surrounding community that develop night watch groups and it is very important to be vigilant. The same approach needs to be understood and undertaken for commercial applications as well, however often these require 24/7 on property security services.