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Cleaning Services South Africa

This is a fast growing industry both in South Africa and across the world. With our unemployment rate at an all time low, cleaning companies employ professionals to assist them in both the residential and commercial sectors. Maids and cleaning servants are the main employment members across residential homes while bigger teams are trained for commercial cleaning purposes.

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Cleaning companies locally comprise of a wide variety of applications, we have carpet cleaning, Commercial cleaning, High pressure cleaning, terminal cleaning, window cleaning and a full range of other services tucked into this bucket. In this day and age germs and infections are plentiful with more and more people in our growing population. Personal hygiene is is taken serious by most and is important in protecting oneself to prevent contracting diseased and sickness associated with low hygiene areas.

There are a vast range of products used in maintaining a healthy working and living environment. due to this fact it is important, where you can, to take note on the harmful effects some detergents have on your carpets, clothing, furniture and the environment around you. There are many cleaners out there that employ specialist services such as cleansing of escalators, kitchens, specialized floor claning applications like marble and granite, warehouse and distribution center cleaning another increasingly popular service is that of event cleaning etc.

We often take for granted where the germs are hiding, most of the time they are in places too close for comfort. we deal with them every day on our computers, stationary, other colleagues, friends and classmates. We breath them in on dirty construction sites and there are a range of ventelation masks for various dust applications. Sanitary towels and wet wipes are great to keep on hand to get rid of grimey paws on kids or adults.

When choosing a company to look after your office or home it is important to do your research and ensure they are the right company for the job, they are up to date with industry trends and are reliable with their service and staffing set up. It is good to take note of a companies vision and values so that your company and theirs can grow from great service and trust in one another during the course of the contract.

dirt less and sanitary methods are undertaken by using the right machinery and tools specific to the application, floor polishers are used in shopping centers and window squeegees are used to make sure windows are kept spotless, high pressure cleners are used on the removal of paint and graffiti.

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